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Tutor Doctor understands firsthand that access to tailored, one-on-one teaching and instruction is one of the most important components of student success. A student also requires the right tutor for their specific academic goals and challenges, personality, and learning style.

What Does It Take to Work as a Tutor for Tutor Doctor?

The tutors we work with teach your child more than just a subject; they teach them how to overcome all educational obstacles. That is why they must go through a rigorous selection process to join our tutoring team!


We use a three-step process to find the best tutors.

1-We hire on the basis of ability. To ensure tutors have the skills and experience to serve Tutor Doctor students with excellence, we use a five-phase recruitment process that includes face-to-face interviews, safety and background checks, and calling on references.
2-We hire people based on their humanity. A tutor is more than just talent. We place a high value on personability. To put it another way, we only hire tutors who we would hire for our own children.
3-We provide tutors with the tools they need to succeed. We constantly equip and assess tutors as they grow by providing ongoing professional development, support, stringent quality controls, and intentional customer feedback tracking. If someone does not meet our high standards, we will no longer work with them.

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