Vedic Maths

What is Vedic Maths?

First developed in around 1600 BC and later revived in 1911, Vedic Maths system is being used to solve complex mathematical problems by using simple techniques and tricks.

Vedic Mathematics is a book written by the Indian monk which was first published in 1965 and further developed by scholars around the world. It contains a list of mathematical techniques, which the author stated were retrieved from the Vedas and supposedly contained all mathematical knowledge.

Its unique procedures and rules makes mathematic problem solving easy & fun and is said to be 1500% faster than the normal maths.

However, concept clarity is the key to master the Vedic Math Technique, and which is where Tutor Doctor personalised coaching comes in picture.

Learn the world’s oldest, fastest and accurate system of mathematics by our professionally trained and certified Vedic Maths Coaches and become a HUMAN CALCULATOR.

However, it is important to note that Vedic maths in no way replaces the underlying philosophy or the background of solving maths problem. It is an add on or a supportive system to learn maths and not an alternative or shortcut to problem solving. Vedic maths techniques only simplifies the process of learning maths to help students change their approach to the complex subject.

What are the benefits of Vedic Maths?

  1. Helps in Simplifying Calculations

Numbers are not always the favourite thing for a child and problem solving can be tricky and confusing. However, with Vedic maths a child can use simple methods that help solve calculations from basic to advance level with ease.

  1. Enhances confidence to deal with numbers

Vedic maths helps in developing child’s interest towards numbers. It helps them solve any calculations like roots, square roots, cubes and squares in an easier manner. Thus, enabling confidence development

  1. Improves mental agility, visualisation skill and concentration

Vedic maths is a mental math technique that Activate new neural pathways by aligning left and right brain function by putting both hemisphere of the brain at work while doing the calculations. This exercise improves their mental agility, memory & concentration.

  1. Speed & Accuracy

These two are the key elements to Vedic maths techniques. By empowering a child to do quick calculations it also ensure the 100% accuracy rate.

  1. . Better Performances in Competitive Exams