The E learning Gap

The E learning Gap is tied to two specific parts, both so intertwined, that one cannot achieve success without the other, and vice versa. This gap relates to people that are fluent with e learning styles and receive information effectively and those that prefer the traditional classroom setting that allows them to be more attentive and engaged.

Foundational exposure to technology of any sorts aid the entry in combined and multi resource learning. Kids of any age can benefit from e learning without falling behind if they start young with entry level exposure. No student is too young to engage with the right resources and academic roadmap.

However, the irony is not true that one needs to have been in a traditional classroom setting in order to understand the space that e learning exists and its advantages as well as its limitations.

Another aspect of the learning gap is the exposure to certain ICTS experiences. Students that have not been exposed to ICTS for long periods of time or in their formative years may automatically reject the benefits of the advent of e learning.

One might be asking themselves, how do these two items, lead to a trend called the Gap, and what exactly is the gap as it relates to learning and development.

The Gap simply points to a reality, we need to all recognize, that those who either adapt who heartedly digital transformation and e-learning, will be producing better results when it comes to learning/training compared to those who go only with e-learning, ignoring digital transformation, or embrace some aspects of digital transformation (but not all) and either all or some of e-learning.

One could fully support 100% e-learning, and lightly play with digital transformation – but they will end up on the lower side of the GAP, and by the end of 2021, that GAP will expand to such a level, it will be difficult to catch up.  Sure, you can do this or that, but until you embrace both to an extent it drives your learning or training, you will still be behind.

Key points to understand

The most important aspect of e learning is to familiarize students with technology at foundation stage whether their learning styles and habits apply to the e learning. Tutor Doctor provides simplistic solutions for all ages and abilities. The key proposition is the unique method of selecting the right tutor and personality through careful psychometric influences and matching. Tutor doctor provides both the pedagogical approaches used for teachers and for students to have effective lessons