How Can Physicists Save The World?

Many believed that the sky is the limit, but Sergey Korolev proved them wrong, by making space flight possible. He created generations of scientists who were motivated by travels to distant planets, and in fact inspired the foundation of Skoltech’s Space Science and Technology program. The ultimate dream of a physicist is to achieve exactly this – to push the boundaries of what is possible, and motivate others to do the same.

Physics is tough for students because they must struggle against a variety of interpretations at the same time, such as tests, calculations and computations, graphing, and theoretical explanations.

Physics is a cumulative science. It’s difficult to grasp the following concept if you don’t understand the previous one.

Physics as a subject demands student to grasp and translate and at Tutor Doctor we pass this information using a variety of approaches, including words, charts of numbers, graphs, equations, diagrams, and maps. As we know, that the student’s potential can be higher than the sky, if taught properly.

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    What is the future of physics?

    Physics Tution

    What’s next, what’s going on in physics in the future? The way forward is supposed to be multi-disciplinary research. Physics itself is a multidisciplinary science already. If you doubt it, consider biophysics, chemistry and mathematical physics for a moment.

    From now on, physicists can approach different problems in many ways. It’s incredible what you can do, using just some physics, internet and a few gadgets in high school. If you add in access to a Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory), you can suggest a solution and even create a physical prototype.

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