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Making Learning Personal.

At Tutor Doctor, our unique approach to learning has helped over 200,000 students in over 15 countries around the world. This wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and passion of over 17,000 highly qualified tutors. The tutors we work with are thoroughly screened and trained to provide exceptional tutoring services. Our tutoring programmes are adaptable to meet the needs of students of all ages. When beginning a programme with new students, we evaluate their learning styles, subject matter, and even personality before matching them with a tutor. Then we customise a learning plan to perfectly meet their needs and give them the tools necessary for academic success.

We offer one to one tutoring in a wide variety of subjects, including the following:

MathScienceEnglishLanguagesArabicFrenchEFLExam Preparation

The private tutors we work within the UAE enable and coach students to learn in a comfortable, stress-free environment, whether that’s face to face, online, or a combination of both. Students are free to ask for help when they need it, without feeling like they are interrupting the lesson or embarrassing themselves. Lessons can be repeated, or briefly reviewed, depending on the student’s understanding of the content. Additionally, our tutoring services allow families to spend more time together, without an extra errand on the schedule.

Tutor Doctor UAE can help students who are looking to get ahead, as well as students who are struggling with a particular subject. We can also provide short or long term tutoring, depending on the student’s needs. Our long-term students benefit from a better-tailored approach to learning. Our ultimate goal is to give each and every one of our students the study and organisational skills they need to succeed. By reinforcing foundational skills such as these, we equip our students for whatever the future holds.