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Less Driving Time Means More Studying Time

Being a university student, there no doubt that you have a very busy schedule. Whatever your level of studies, be it embarking on an undergraduate degree or pursuing a postgraduate degree, at Tutor Doctor we have learning programmes that perfectly match your needs, providing appropriate solutions to your challenges. In most instances, students may be struggling in a specific area mainly because they do not possess and understand the foundational information and concepts that are needed foundationally. This may make everything more difficult, from asking the correct questions to answering exam questions. At Tutor Doctor, our highly qualified tutors can provide subject-specific tutoring that is customised to meet your individual needs. You set the pace, as we begin filling in the gaps you may have in your knowledge of the subject.

We can help students that are registered in Universities in the UAE and abroad with their subject related tutoring needs.

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Tutor Doctor is a step above the rest:

  • Tutoring is scheduled around you.
  • We can come to you, or we can provide virtual tutoring.
  • We provide one-to-one tutoring services.
  • We match a tutor that is specific to your needs.
  • We provide tutoring in all subjects and various languages.
  • We provide tutoring for all ages and levels of education.


The tutors we work with are meticulously selected for each student based on the subject matter, learning style, and personality. Our aim is to ensure that the students on our platform have the best tutoring experience possible and that they receive foundational skills and tools for learning, helping them ensure their future academic success.

Whatever your needs, whether it is simply looking to improve your marks, pass an examination, or improve your study skills, our experienced tutors can help. Over the last 15 years, our programme has assisted over 200,000 students from 15 countries around the world. Since the beginning, we have worked with 17,000 highly qualified tutors that have helped students succeed in reaching their academic goals. We will provide an individualised learning programme that perfectly meets your needs and will exceed your expectations.