Secondary school is when a student’s foray into subject-by-subject learning truly begins. Subject knowledge specializes further in Year 9 onward, creating the requirement for additional assistance from various experts in order to maximize true potential.

Tutor Doctor provides secondary school tuition for students in all subjects and levels that are covered across all schools in the UAE (including the IB, Indian, US, UK, and many other Curricula).

We are leaders in the educational community, with extensive experience with both national and regional and international standards. As a result, we connect you with qualified home tutors that help your child meet and exceed every academic expectation. That’s why 95% of our former clients recommend our services!

To learn how your child can improve their competence and confidence as a student.

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In our experience, many students have trouble with subjects as a result of knowledge gaps created as early as primary school. Tutor Doctor identifies these gaps with our free assessment, and we create a tailored programme to address them quickly and effectively. In addition, we work with qualified tutors in every subject that your student will encounter.

Personal tuition at Tutor Doctor can also help our pupils prepare for their GCSEs by increasing their knowledge and improving their skills. For many students, their marks will depend on their ability to manage their time, comprehend questions quickly, and revise their work effectively. Our tuition not only improves subject knowledge but addresses the exam-taking technique.

Why Get a Free Academic Assessment?

Our free in-home assessments help identify the areas where your child can improve. It also identifies your child’s unique learning style, allowing us to pair him or her with the ideal tutor for them. As a result, Tutor Doctor ensures your child meets educational standards in the mode that is most efficient for them. There is no obligation or requirement for our assessments—

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