Online Private Tuition for Exceptional Students (Special Needs)

At Tutor Doctor, we refer to students with special needs as exceptional students.

Who are Exceptional Students?

An Exceptional Student is any student who requires additional support, assistive technology, or altered learning expectations in order to be successful in school. Typically, these students receive additional support in the classroom and/or access Special Education Needs (SEN) services.

Exceptional Students include, but are not limited to students who have:

  • Learning Differences
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Giftedness
  • Blindness or Partial Sight
  • Deafness or Hard of Hearing
  • Behavioural Disorders
  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Developmental Disability or Delay
  • Physical Disabilities

Why Do We Use the Term Exceptional?

We use the term exceptional because it is:

  • Positive– Students who receive additional support or access SEN support in school have often been struggling for some time. Their confidence can be very low when they receive the label of “Special Education Needs.” Due to the negative perception that can be associated with “special needs” and “SEN,” students’ confidence is often further damaged by being associated with these terms. By using exceptional, we are taking away this negative stigma and celebrating the differences in students as something that makes them unique learners.
  • Inclusive– Typically, when people hear special needs or SEN, they think of students with learning differences or learning disabilities. However, students who receive additional support in the classroom have a wide variety of needs that are not always related to Learning differences or disabilities, including students who are learning English as a second (or third, etc.) language, students who have blindness or partial sight, and students who are gifted. Using exceptional acknowledges all students who are receiving additional support.
  • Accepted– Exceptional is quickly becoming the preferred speech within educational circles. Many teachers, educational professionals, and policy makers around the world are choosing to use the term exceptional for the same reasons Tutor Doctor has chosen to. Many exceptional people and parents of exceptional students also feel that exceptional is a more appropriate term and prefer that it be used.

The term exceptional celebrates the students’ individual differences and includes all learners who need additional tailored support in school, and is fast becoming the preferred term in educational circles.

In a study conducted by the Centre of Parent Information and Resources, it was discovered that one-to-one tuition is profoundly beneficial for students with unique learning needs. At Tutor Doctor, we know that exceptional students in the UAE can succeed when they are provided with the right tools and personalised attention – which is exactly what our tutoring programme aims to provide.

After matching your child with a handpicked tutor, our goal is to fill in the missing gaps in your child’s knowledge, provide them with the skills necessary to be independent learners and to help boost their confidence by allowing them to grow in a comfortable learning environment.

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