Trusted In-Home Tutoring Service

Convenient Tutoring either Virtually or in the Comfort of Your Home

‘A’ Level results have a direct impact on the university prospects for students, so getting good predicted and actual grades at AS Level and A2 Level is vital. Putting in the effort now can greatly improve your chances of getting offers from top universities around the World.

Students facing their final years of school may require that additional assistance to cement their tertiary prospects. Due to the increased complexity of ‘A’ Levels, and curricular changes, your student could benefit greatly from in-home tutoring from Tutor Doctor.

The secret to our success is our time-tested method. We first assess your student’s capabilities and match him or her with a tutor that fits their needs, levels, subject, and even personality. Our process includes finding out what type of learner the student is, visual or tactile. After our care consultation, we provide one-to-one attention from the comfort and familiarity of the student’s own home. We move through the program at the student’s pace, focusing on filling in gaps in the student’s knowledge.

One-to-One, Customized Tutoring

We meet students where they are in their academic journey, we’ve found this approach to be extremely useful in getting students to open up and ask questions and pursue a deeper understanding of the material without any interference or pressure from their peers. Additionally, the tutors with Tutor Doctor know how to work with a student’s strengths and weaknesses to create a custom learning program that truly advances their academic success. In 15 years, we work with over 17,000 qualified tutors in over 15 countries. As a result of our convenient approach and commitment to quality, 95% of our customers say that they would recommend us to others.