Business English

In what ways could a Business English course further your goals, career or personal ambitions? Perhaps you want to embark on a professional career? Or maybe you want to expand your potential to engage with an international client base with confidence? Regardless of your motivations, our uniquely designed Business English course will propel you closer to your business vision.

Why should you upscale your English? Here are some top advantages:

  • Gain confidence and socialize comfortability
  • Improve your ability to contribute value to discussions
  • Be noticed and stand out in collaborative meetings and projects
  • Make a good first impression on colleagues from multiple industries
  • Get an edge on your competition

Tutor Doctor, in collaboration with English Education Professionals, have developed a program specifically for individuals looking to improve their Business English abilities. Enabling them to apply English to their immediate work environment, this course has been built with a multifaceted approach. Alternatively, it could also be used to boost a much needed career change/opportunity.

Practical in nature, this course prepares you for real-world global business!

Specifically, the course targets written and spoken communication. Naturally, spoken English will encompass both listening and speaking.

Features of the course:

  • Learn to communicate in a team-based setting through a variety of fun collaborative activities with other students.
  • Be provided with various opportunities to perfect your individual English skills.
  • Increase your comfort with active participation in practical and meaningful communication experiences.
  • Push the evolution of your confidence and expertise in written and spoken communication.
  • Learn to construct and deliver a wide range of written and spoken communication in a clear, concise, and logical manner.